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Out and about

The last few weeks have been uncharistically busy, normally we have a small respite around Christmas and January but we’ve been as busy as ever. Mole trapping in Middlesbrough, Seagull Proofing in Whitley Bay and Mice in Boldon have been the main highlights.

Still, it beats being quiet so I shouldn’t complain!



European Parliament demands tougher control on pesticides

The European Parliament voted Thursday (19 January) to implement stricter safety checks on biocides.

These include products ranging from rat poisons to disinfectants but also are used for cleaning, hygiene or protection purposes to fight vermin or fungi.

“We will have more safety for consumers, users and the environment. The crucial thing is that the same standards will apply throughout the EU”, said European Parliament Rapporteur and EPP Group MEP Christa Klass.

The new legislation, which needs to make it past the Council in order to get the green light, will improve both safety checks and the approval process so Europeans will have access to new pest control products that are safe and effective, Klass said in a statement.

They are one additional step toward a homogenized open market, along with setting deadlines for the applications to be assessed.

The legislation will also close a loophole, so treated products, such as furniture sprayed with fungicide, will be included under the rules and labelled.

Full article here.


MEPs push for greater safety of pest control products

Today MEPs will discuss tighter rules for pest control products introducing stricter health and environment checks on “biocides”, whilst making approval for marketing more efficient. MEPs will vote on a provisional deal negotiated with the Council on Thursday.


Pied Piper to turn Kanpur zoo rodent-free.

The Kanpur zoo administration has found a piped piper to get rid of rodents. The zoo has entered into agreement with Pest Control India.

The director of Kanpur zoo told TOI said that the rodents are disease carriers and often cause loss to feed given to the birds. Rodents have made veterinary hospital as home.

“We trap the rodents and leave outside the zoo premises or else we kill these creature because of huge loss to the animal feed, especially the feed given to the birds. So we decided to enter into an agreement with Pest Control India, which would be doing the job of catching the rodents from the aviary and hospital,” the director said.

The staff of Pest Control India would use pellets and cakes to control the rodents.

“The exercise would be conducted every two months. This contract has been inked for a period of one year and hopefully, the zoo would become rodent free completely by then,” he said while speaking about the contract.

The Pest Control India has adopted the aviary and hospital area of the zoo. They would be offering complimentary services.

On Saturday, the zoo director and Pest Control India official signed a contract which would remain into effect for next one year.

Report from the Times of India.

Humane Use of Rodent Glue Board.

I went to visit a very nice lady in Newcastle last week who was being driven MAD by little furry, scaly tailed visitors making their way in to her kitchen and bathroom and an associated bad smell. Unfortunately for her (and in this case, poor old Ratty) she’d called out a less than reputable company to deal with the problem. Their solution was to use glue boards behind her bath panel and leave. Of course the next night the glue boards had worked their magic and caught a juvenile rat but rather than come out and dispatch the rat as humanly as possible they had left it their indefinitely and, of course, it had died from dehydration and shock leaving a rotting rat carcass under poor old Mrs Xs bath.

We here at EX-PEST and, of course, our reputable competitors follow a guide produced by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for the humane use of glue boards which can be found here.

The moral of the story is always to follow your gut instinct when dealing with Pest Controllers just as you would any other tradesman, if you can smell a rat (pardon the pun) then call a company you feel you can trust. Luckily in this case the lady in question called us out and, using a verity of methods, we cured the problem, proofed the obvious rat entry points and removed the rather pungent smell using specially designed absorbent pads. Alls well that ends well!

Our new Facebook group

Because I’m really hip and cool (no, really I am!) I’ve set up a Facebook page for the site which can be found here:



New beginnings.

Hello again, if you avidly follow things here at EX-PEST you may have noticed the site has taken a new and exciting direction over the last few days. (well it’s exciting for me anyway!)

I have decided to join the rest of the world and ported the site over to WordPress and start blogging so expect plenty of posts about the merits of trapping against using Rodenticide and the tons of EU legislation that seems to be falling on top of our industry but, for the moment at least, I fear most posts will be rambling and moaning about rebuilding the site in WordPress. Ho-hum.


First ever blog post

This is my first ever blog post.

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