Common Wasps and German Wasps


Adult workers of the common wasp measure about 12 mm to 17 mm from head to abdomen, whereas the queen is about 20 mm long. It has alternating colours of black and yellow.

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Wasp Pest Control

Signs of infestation:

If you are experiencing high numbers of wasps in your property it is likely that there is a wasp nest nearby. Wasps often build their nests in your loft, wall cavities, roof spaces, garden sheds or under the eaves of buildings.
A single nest may contain thousands of wasps which can swarm and attack if disturbed or provoked. If the location of a wasps nest is likely to put people at risk, then the nest should be destroyed.

Wasp facts:

Wasps are very aggressive from July to October during these months the preferred food of wasps shift from insects to food and garbage. During these months, wasps are often found in food and rubbish.

Problems associated with Wasps:

Generally wasp stings induce localised pain and swelling due to a toxic non-allergic reaction from the venom. The victim then recovers with no special treatment.
In more severe reactions, there may be whole-body hives and swelling, with breathing difficulties, a ‘feeling of dread’ and generalised anaphylaxis with low blood pressure and shock.
Another feature unique to the wasp and hornet is that the venom contains a pheromone which alarms all other wasps in the area and invites them to join the attack on the victim leading to multiple stings.

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