European Parliament demands tougher control on pesticides

The European Parliament voted Thursday (19 January) to implement stricter safety checks on biocides.

These include products ranging from rat poisons to disinfectants but also are used for cleaning, hygiene or protection purposes to fight vermin or fungi.

“We will have more safety for consumers, users and the environment. The crucial thing is that the same standards will apply throughout the EU”, said European Parliament Rapporteur and EPP Group MEP Christa Klass.

The new legislation, which needs to make it past the Council in order to get the green light, will improve both safety checks and the approval process so Europeans will have access to new pest control products that are safe and effective, Klass said in a statement.

They are one additional step toward a homogenized open market, along with setting deadlines for the applications to be assessed.

The legislation will also close a loophole, so treated products, such as furniture sprayed with fungicide, will be included under the rules and labelled.

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