Humane Use of Rodent Glue Board.

I went to visit a very nice lady in Newcastle last week who was being driven MAD by little furry, scaly tailed visitors making their way in to her kitchen and bathroom and an associated bad smell. Unfortunately for her (and in this case, poor old Ratty) she’d called out a less than reputable company to deal with the problem. Their solution was to use glue boards behind her bath panel and leave. Of course the next night the glue boards had worked their magic and caught a juvenile rat but rather than come out and dispatch the rat as humanly as possible they had left it their indefinitely and, of course, it had died from dehydration and shock leaving a rotting rat carcass under poor old Mrs Xs bath.

We here at EX-PEST and, of course, our reputable competitors follow a guide produced by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for the humane use of glue boards which can be found here.

The moral of the story is always to follow your gut instinct when dealing with Pest Controllers just as you would any other tradesman, if you can smell a rat (pardon the pun) then call a company you feel you can trust. Luckily in this case the lady in question called us out and, using a verity of methods, we cured the problem, proofed the obvious rat entry points and removed the rather pungent smell using specially designed absorbent pads. Alls well that ends well!

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