There are two species of squirrel living in the UK – the Red and the Grey. As most people know, the Red Squirrel is native to our shores and declining, whereas the Grey is from North America and is increasing.

Generally speaking, Red Squirrels are not a pest whereas the Grey definitely is, so the following information concentrates on the Grey Squirrel.

Signs of infestation:

Obvious entry points to roof space. ie over hanging tree branches.

Gnawing – any material in your loft space is likely to be gnawed including electrical wiring.

Squirrel facts:

If squirrels get into your loft, they can cause significant damage from chewing and gnawing on wood and electrical cables.

Squirrels can cause serious damage to trees and saplings by striping bark.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is an offence to release grey squirrels back into the wild and once caught in a cage they must be destroyed humanely. In contrast, red squirrels must be released immediately back into the wild.

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