HQRP 4-Pack Ice Thickness Control Probes compatible with Manitowoc 2008029, 20-0802-9 Replacement fits CVD685 JC0495 SD0603WM SD1492N SR0421W SR1890N SY0694NP SY1605WP Ice Makers

HQRP 4-Pack Ice Thickness Control Probes compatible with Manitowoc 2008029, 20-0802-9 Replacement fits CVD685

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HQRP® 4pcs Ice bridge control / Ice probe harvest switch / Ice thickness control probe; 1 Year warranty! Replaces EOM P/N : # 2008029, 20-0802-9;. Compatible with Manitowoc CVD685 CVD885 JC0495 JC0895 QY0424 A QY0454 A QY0494 N QY0894 N S570 SD0302 A SD0302 AP SD0303 W SD0303 WP SD0322 A SD0322 AP SD0323 W SD0323 WP SD0422 A SD0422 AP SD0423 W SD0423 WP SD0452 A SD0452 AP SD0453 W SD0453 WP SD0502 A SD0502 AP SD0503 W SD0503 WP SD0592 N SD0592 NP SD0602 A SD0602 AP SD0603 W SD0603 WM SD0603 WP SD0672 C SD0682 C SD0692 N SD0692 NP SD0852 A SD-0852 A SD0852 AP SD0853 W SD0853 WM SD0853 WP SD0872 C SD0892 N SD0892 NP SD1002 A SD1002 AP SD1003 W SD1003 WM SD1003 WP SD1072 C SD1092 N;. Compatible with Manitowoc SD1092 NP SD1202 A SD1203 W SD1272 C SD1402 A SD1402 AP SD1403 W SD1403 WM SD1403 WP SD1472 C SD1492 N SD1492 NP SD1602 A SD1602 AP SD1603 W SD1603 WM SD1603 WP SD1692 N SD1692 NP SD1802 A SD1802 AP SD1803 W SD1803 WM SD1803 WP SD1872 C SD1892 N SD1892 NP SD2172 C SD3303 W SD3303 WM SD672 C SD872 C SR0300 A SR0300 AP SR0301 W SR0301 WP SR0320 A SR0320 AP SR0321 W SR0321 WP SR0420 A SR0420 AP SR0421 W SR0421 WP SR0450 A SR0450 AP SR0451 W SR0451 WP SR0500 A SR0500 AP SR0501 W SR0501 WP SR0590 N SR0590 NP SR0850 A;. Compatible with Manitowoc SR0850 AP SR0851 W SR0851 WM SR0851 WP SR0870 C SR0890 N SR0890 NP SR1600 A SR1600 AP SR1601 W SR1601 WM SR1601 WP SR1690 N SR1690 NP SR1800 A SR1800 AP SR1801 W SR1801 WM SR1801 WP SR1890 N SR1890 NP SR870 C SY0304 A SY0304 AP SY0305 W SY0305 WP SY0324 A SY0324 AP SY0325 W SY0325 WP SY0424 A SY0425 W SY0425 WP SY0454 A SY0454 AP SY0455 W SY0455 WP SY0504 A SY0504 AP SY0505 W SY0505 WP SY0594 N SY0594 NP SY0604 A SY0604 AP SY0605 W SY0605 WM SY0605 WP SY0674 C SY0684 C SY0694 N SY0694 NP SY0854 A SY0854 AP SY0855 W;. Compatible with Manitowoc SY0855 WM SY0855 WP SY0874 C SY0894 N SY0894 NP SY1004 A SY1004 AP SY1005 W SY1005 WM SY1005 WP SY1074 C SY1094 N SY1094 NP SY1204 A SY1205 W SY1274 C SY1404 A SY1404 AP SY1405 W SY1405 WM SY1405 WP SY1474 C SY1494 N SY1494 NP SY1604 A SY1604 AP SY1605 W SY1605 WM SY1605 WP SY1694 N SY1694 NP SY1804 A SY1804 AP SY1805 W SY1805 WM SY1805 WP SY1874 C SY1894 N SY-1894 N SY1894 NP SY2174 C SY3074 C SY3305 W SY674 C SY874 C.